Easley- From the Ashes

This was my Greyhawk Wars Campaign, which I ran from 2002 until 2010. It detailed the adventures of four boys from the village of Hommlet (Terevas Sevensong, Rendar Tarimson, Norresh Fletner and Derryian Adrumar) as they grew into manhood and marched off to the Greyhawk Wars. At times they were joined by their friend and self-proclaimed mentor, Zonkle Knacklesack of Namburil, as well as numerous friends and allies that they made along the way.

I’m afraid that I wasn’t quite as conversant with this site as I would have liked while I was running my Greyhawk game. The wealth of background material that I wrote may never reach this site but I shall attempt to update occasionally for archival purposes.

Welcome to my old campaign!

Munster's Greyhawk Campaign