Amir Suhilil


A slender, graceful baklunish man with a reserved and distinguished air about him. He has a curved knife thrust through his sash and a scimitar belted on each hip as well as a composite bow held in a quiver on his back.

He has a proud, beautiful mare that follows him around very much like a faithful dog.

Sergeant of the Bisselite Free Companies

Companion to Tashee


Although frequently mistaken for a Kettite, Amir is actually a Bisselite by birth and a respected sergeant of the Border Companies. He grew up in the verge of the Bramblewood and is an experienced ranger and a renowned swordsman. He accepted a contract by Sir Harry in hopes of finding his famous uncle, a mercenary known in the Flanaess as Peregrine the Hawk, who left Bissel 15 years ago for Furyondy and points further east and hasn’t returned. In recent years Amir has become the companion and occasional lover of Tashee and the two are now inseparable. He has a reputation for being overeager for battle.

Amir Suhilil

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