Geren Laraith

The best scout and strongest warrior of the Fellowship of the Torch, Geren was trained by the Gnarley Rangers. His niche in the group is to hold the line.


Geren Laraith

A grim Oeridian man, tall and gaunt, with greying brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears hunting leathers over elegant mithril chain mail of elven make and has a buckler shield of dark wood strapped to his left forearm. Geren carries a spear, a longsword sheathed at his side, and has a powerful looking bow strung and shouldered. He walks with a limp.

Male Human Ranger

Member of the Fellowship of the Torch


Notes Rough & ready, with no time for pretensions or affectation, but he likes elves & gnomes and readily strikes up friendships with them. Dislikes paladin & other LG types (except for Nastassia, whom he is in love with). Quite obsessed with killing as many demons as he can.

Geren Laraith

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