Grimmri Fischer (deceased)


A veritable giant among gnomes, Grimmri was 3’10” tall, 72 Ibs., with a ruddy complexion, small but brightly alert black eyes, black hair (frequently dyed to keep it so) and a waxed, handlebar mustache of which he was inordinately proud. He wore a purple and orange tunic over battered, ancient leathers and carried a hornblade.

Male Rock Gnome Rogue (deceased)

Member of the Fellowship of the Torch


Loved jokes and playing pranks. Was an enthusiastic Cairn Hills raider and was a mentor/ sponsor to a number of other adventuring bands that got their start that way. He was also an enthusiastic member of the Greyhawk Guid of Thieves, responsible for training a lot of junior members but he preferred to ply his profession elsewhere, usually the Urnst States. He died badly, could not be raised, and his spirit is unquiet.

Grimmri Fischer (deceased)

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