Lady Aemelia Harcourt


A rather homely, slightly overweight woman of noble bearing and dress. She has dark eyes and hair, is very pale and appears to be nearing middle age. Rather strangely she is armed with a rapier even though it is clear that she is a mage judging by her wand, pouches, potion belt and scroll organiser.

A hawk appears to loiter around the woman.

Former Court Wizard of Count Paulus Halpern of Crystalreach


The daughter and only child of a noted but impoverished knight, Aemelia’s marriage prospects were poor on account of her homely features, disagreeable nature and naked greed. Years of failing to find her a match left her father in despair but eventually someone did take an interest in her. Count Halpern’s court wizard, a reprobate by the name of Bortham Harcourt, realised her potential and seduced her with promises of power. Aemelia broke her father’s heart when she agreed to become Bortham’s consort. Both men are now dead at each others hands, with Sir Dennis attacking Bortham at a gala when both men were in their cups and the wizard insulted the old knight. The wizard poisoned the knight as Sir Dennis throttled the life from Harcourt. Aemelia was left with a sizable fortune, Bortham’s spellbooks and surprisingly little guilt. She replaced Bortham as Count Halpern’s court wizard.

Lady Aemelia is very greedy and conniving but pleased that she has made her own way in the world without being “owned” by a man. She is quite good with a sword, is a decent rider, and has polished manners in spite of her shrewish nature.

Lady Aemelia Harcourt

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