Sir Harold Druthyl


A very tall, balding man who has the look of a tired old soldier about him. Sir Harry is an oeridian flan mix with white and grey hair, intense grey eyes and a pale olive complexion. He was clearly a large man in his youth, but age and grief have robbed him of much of his vitality. He wears an impressive suit of full coat-of-plate and wields a large, red-tinted sword.

Male Human Paladin of St. Cuthbert/ Knight of the Hart

Former Baron of Berethan

High Constable of Furyondy

Acting Grand Marshal of Furyondy (in Prince Thrommel’s absence)


Sir Harry, along with Garaeth, is the King’s most trusted advisor. King Belvor trusts the old paladin’s instincts above all others and Sir Harry has thus far succeeded in managing his various duties with the aplomb that only a Communicant of St. Cuthbert can. His son and heir, Ricard, a companion of Prince Thrommel was lost to the forces of the Temple of Elemental Evil at the Battle of Emridy Meadows. The one great sorrow in the knight’s life was that he didn’t have a chance to let his son know how proud he was of him.

In the last decade Sir Harry has become Belvor’s unlikely secret spymaster, acting Grand Marshall and the High Constable of Furyondy, being rewarded for unflinching service and having been slain once himself in the line of duty by Mole of the Boneheart. Sir Harry was once the Baron of Berethan but was compelled, in accordance with Furyondian law, to give up his birthright after he was raised from the dead. The lands are kept in trust for Hugh, Sir Harry’s nephew, who stands to inherit them in 586 CY. Sir Harry was killed again at the third battle of the Siege of Chendl when High Priest Patch demolished the eastern gatehouse of the city with an earthquake spell. He was crushed under tons of stone for 12 days and upon being raised once more, he was reinstated to his position. Unknown to all but his closest advisors, Sir Harry feels that he “isn’t quite right” and worries if he still has the steel to continue his duties.

In addition to his duties to the King, Sir Harry is a Communicant of ST. Cuthbert. As the King’s spymaster he has been placed in some truly trying positions but his faith remains intact and he approaches his duties with a flair and originality not often seen in a paladin.

Sir Harold Druthyl

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