A somewhat tomboyish woman of Oeridian extraction, Tashee usually appears as a peasant wearing homespun and grasping a walking stick. She is pretty enough with a pleasant smile and some cute freckles but is otherwise reasonably forgettable in appearance. Her ears are very slightly pointed (due to an elven grandmother) and she takes some pains to keep them covered.

Female Human Rogue/ Slayer of Domiel

King’s Agent


Coming across as patriotic and plain speaking, Tashee is actually a very secretive woman. Only Sir Harry and the King know that she is actually Tasheera, second daughter of Lord Bothan, Earl of Shaw, and she should be in a convent in Whitehale. She is Sir Harry’s most valued operative and was responsible for turning Gagor Hadush to the King’s service, coordinating spy activity in the Horned Society and for organising the attack on Hierarch Vazirian. She is devoted to St. Cuthbert and Domiel the Mercy-bringer (Tome archon; Protector of Tombs & Mausoleums, Slayer of Tyrants), and was inducted into the Slayers shortly before the war.


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